Net Gay-Bi-Trans Baromètre

The Net Gay Barometer: beyond the team, committed partners ...
This questionnaire was realized in the context of a collaboration between three research laboratories. They conduct research on lifestyles, health and sexuality of MSM and trans people. It is led in France and in Canada it is available in three languages.
In France, many websites participate freely in the dissemination of this survey. As a matter of facts, these editors act as committed actors in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Websites partners are also varied, allowing the best representation as possible of the diversity of MSM populations. Main Recruitment is made through general gay websites (,,,,, and, specialized websites (,,, social networks (Facebook, Skyrock) and Hornet (mobile application) ans some gay Magazines.
To obtain visuals and graphic elements allowing you to promote our survey, please call +33 2 40 69 69 69 and leave a message on the Com’on west Association’s voicemail.