The Net LGBTQ+ Baromètre: a renewed knowledge acquisition tool
Renewed every three years, the Net "Gay Bi Trans +" Baromètre study became, over the different editions, a powerful knowledge and data collection tool questioning the evolution of lifestyles, sexuality and HIV/STI prevention among Men who have Sex with Men (MSM, cis and trans) and other persons of sexual and gender diversity in Canada.

Addressing 16 themes, the NGB is one of the largest studies concerning MSM and trans people, allowing participants to relate their experiences about 1) their use of Internet and social networks for dating purposes 2) the development or maintaining of social, affective or sexual relations with partners (either met online or not) 3) the unveiling of their sexual orientation to relatives and friends, particularly on social networks 4) ethnicity and visible minority status 5) couple relationships 6) relations with masculine or feminine occasional partners 7) sexual practices and sexual risk-taking behaviors 8) contexts of barebacking practices 9) alcohol and drug consumption 10) engaging in transactional sex 11) HIV and HCV screening tests, follow-up and treatment 12) reduction of risk-taking, knowledge and appropriation of diverse prevention strategies 13) STIs contracted in the past 12 months 14) perceived discrimination or negative attitude against sexual orientation (homophobia, biphobia), gender identity (transphobia), positive HIV serological status (serophobia), ethnical background (racism) and wherever it occurs (in school, workspace, gay community, etc.) 15) preoccupations and their intensity towards physical, mental, relational and sexual health 16) adapted questions concerning trans people’s health (medical and psychosocial path related to their transition).

The Net Gay Barometer study establishes a large convenience sample of respondents and was created in order to address diverse sexual minority subgroups. It is also promoted on LGBTQ+ community, on gay bi trans dating websites integrating social networks and mobile applications users.

Le Net « Gai Bi Trans + » Baromètre 2019souhaite constituer un large échantillon de répondant.e.s, échantillon « de convenance » prenant soin de balayer les diverses sous-cultures de sexe minoritaires, en s’appuyant sur le milieu communautaire, sur des sites de rencontresLGBTQ+, intégrant les utilisateurs des réseaux sociaux et des applications mobiles.